Products I Couldn’t Live Without During Breastfeeding

Products I Couldn’t Live Without During Breastfeeding

     As you might have read in my breastfeeding post I had some obstacles to deal with.  I did come across some amazing and helpful products that I want to share with you. An essential is a comfortable nursing bra. I really liked wearing the bralette and sports bra style. If you are going out or back to work early you might need something with more support, however, if you are at home for the majority of the time you need to be comfortable. The bralette did that for me! I used the “Seamless” and “Now & After” from Thyme maternity and they were so comfortable! The Cake nursing bras are also amazing if you want something with more support. If you don’t get a nursing bra you will be pretty uncomfortable and might create problems like mastitis. 

     I used two different kinds of nursing pads. I really enjoyed the reusable Mother Ease Bamboo Nursing Pads. They didn’t feel like I had anything on, and were so soft! I think it’s really important to reduce as much waste as possible.  Using breast pads that you can just wash is so handy and easy on the budget, especially when you go through so many of them. I also used the Curve Essential Plus Nursing Pads at night. They were strong enough to help through those nights when the baby actually slept longer which is when more leaking happened.  I purchased the night ones from West Coast Kids online. 

     I used a few different products for milk production. By far my favourite is Rumina Naturals Milk Aplenty. It’s organic and uses herbs to safely increase milk production. I have heard you can use it along with the Domperidone, a prescription, but you should check with a medical professional first.  I really liked this product and noticed a difference if I wasn’t using it. You might not enjoy the flavour but I just added it to some juice to make it taste better.  I also used Brewers Yeast to help increase my milk production. I used it two ways, one I made Lactation Cookies with it. You can google lactation cookies and most recipes will need include the Brewers Yeast. Secondly, I would add a small amount of it to smoothies. Stores in Regina such as Groovy Mama has tons of different milk supply products like ready- made lactation cookies if you are not wanting to make them. I’m not going to lie I started out with these cookies. I didn’t have much time to bake with a newborn.  Eventually, you will figure it out and you’ll have more time to make cookies of your own. The last milk production product I used was tea. You can get milk production teas from Groovy Mama or Old Fashion Foods. I would drink a minimum of one cup per day.  

     I highly recommend using a breast pump. It will help with milk production and get more milk stored for baby down the road.  I used the Medela Freestyle double pump. I loved it! The double pump is great to get it done faster but its not a cheap purchase. I’m sure there are many other pumps that are great out there but this one worked for me.  It’s small and didn’t take up much room. Just make sure you are following proper sterilization procedures for the pump.  It should be sterilized after every use for the first months of babies life.  

      For a nipple cream I used Gaia Skin + Body Nipple Balm. It’s organic so it’s safe to apply and leave on while breastfeeding.  It helps to heal the nipple from any damage and keeps it soft instead of cracking. I actually think using it a little at the start of breastfeeding would help prevent any future problems. I started using this after the damage happened so for the next baby I will start using it right away.  

      The last product I used was a nipple shield. If your baby is having a difficult time latching these are great to help get them started. There are different sizes and I went with the medium sized one. Of course it could vary for yourself. However,  I feel that they are harder than the actual nipple so a large one might be difficult for a little mouth to latch onto.  If you have a nurse come into your home,  ask them what size they suggest to use.   You can get these at London Drugs, Walmart, and Superstore. I found London Drugs always had them in stock. If you live in Regina or near by, Groovy Mama carries the majority of these products I’ve mentioned. They are very knowledgeable and can answer lots of questions you might have.  

      Those are some of my favourite products to use! I’d love to hear about your favourites!

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