Raising a Girl in the Modern World

Raising a Girl in the Modern World

     Yes, I got the idea for the title from the song “Shallow”. Only because it’s my babes favourite song. It’s the only one that makes her happy and comforts her when she’s upset. I want to do my best to make her a happy baby and then happy through all the other phases of her life, a little girl, teenager, and then develop into a well rounded adult. Will that happen? Only time will tell but I’m going to do my best to make it happen!

     I don’t know about you but if you have kids, raising them in today’s world is kind of scary. With my son he’s always been really confident in himself, so I haven’t had to help him much in that field but I feel raising a girl might be different. When I see girls on social media and in schools it scares me what she is going to have to face. Right now it’s pretty hard to be a kid, especially a girl. I really hope by the time she’s a teenager things are different than they are now and that it becomes better for kids. The only way that can happen is if there is a shift in our society, where we start to accept each other for who we are and not negatively attack one another.  

     There are so many challenges out there, these days, for children to face such as friends, social media, school, bullying in all forms, parents and other family members, and as well our society as a whole. All these things contribute to a child’s life style choices, creates their morals, values and understanding of life.

     If I could protect my kids of every danger, any bad moment they will have, and every bad choice they will make in life I would, well sort of. I say this because all these things help us grow and develop in life. There are definitely many situations in my life that I wish I could erase but they did influence the person I have become today. I know I can’t protect them from the world but I do know I can do my best to make them aware of whats out there and how to handle different situations. I want to make sure my kids feel comfortable enough to come to me if they have problems they need help with. 

     What can we do to make it the best world for them?As parents we need to help children problem solve, guide them to have a positive attitudes about life, school, and gaining respect for others and adults again. I feel as a society we have lost touch with so many simple concepts about life. I don’t want my daughter to be mean to other girls, disrespect adults, or to be upset all the time. I want her to be happy, explore, and learn how to become an amazing adult. We over protect our kids and instead of giving them the tools they need for survival we enable them and create new problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Love, independence, understanding, kindness, are all key values to have.

     If you have a daughter or have special girls in your life, help them. Help them understand the world, tell them your life experiences and how you handled the situations – good or bad. Tell them how you would have changed your choices in those situations. Obviously, share age appropriate ones! Make them strong, brave, independent, and happy. My goal especially for my girl is to do everything in my power to make her aware of whats out there, how to handle situations, and to make her happy and not scared of the world. If we can help raise girls to think more positive about themselves and others, maybe there will be less problems for them out there. Girls are so mean to each other and unfortunately it doesn’t stop at childhood, it continues into adulthood and I’m sorry but thats just ridiculous! It’s scary because either the women don’t know they do it or they know they do it and get satisfaction from being like that. I think we have enough problems as is  and we don’t need to create more for each other than there already is. 

     There are so many women out there that are so inspirational that you can learn from and have your girl look up to.  There are many local and online resources/activities that can help us raise amazing, happy, independent girls who treat others respectfully. Do we need more support out there? Yes, we do and yes, we also need to do this for our boys! I just got lucky with my son’s confidence and independence, however, I do have other issues I have to work on with him, another story for another day! 

     I want her to be the best girl she can be. I need to make that happen. I need to make sure her support system is there for her when she needs it and she will. It’s inevitable. I imagine her future and I want to see her grow and become a great, strong woman. Someone who has encountered some bad situations but someone who has handled them the best she could and then learns from it. Her life won’t be perfect, it will have disappointments, and it will have sad times but it will be great!

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