Moving  A Long Distance Relationship Together

Moving A Long Distance Relationship Together

     If you’re looking to read about a love story this one isn’t for you. I’ll save that for another day! This is about our immigration process. So if you are finding yourself in that boat keep reading.  Shevon and I met in 2013 and built our relationship for 3 years before applying for his permanent residency in 2016.  A regular, non-long distance relationship takes time to build trust, communication, love, and a true connection with one another. Having a long distance one puts all those things through a real test over and over again. I feel it’s so important to get to know one another before committing to an immigration process. You need to make sure it a real thing before doing so. Once you have established that, the process can be really stressful and upsetting if the results don’t turn out the way you want them to.

     Shevon wasn’t able to come here for a visit so I traveled there. In Jamaica, you have to apply for a visitors visa in order to travel to most countries.  We didn’t have success with the visitors visa. We also tried SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) which was a frustrating 8 month process that never worked out. I found it very difficult to get a hold of the proper people to talk to from this program. Hopefully, it’s improved since we tried it.  If you try this method, I highly recommend getting all the specific details about what is required in order to get approved right at the start. We had the process finalized, ready to go and then according to this program, the wage he was going to make wasn’t enough.  This issue was not communicated to us in any way when we started it.  In 2016 we decided to apply for sponsoring a spouse through the Canadian Government. 

     We were married in February and spent the rest of the time getting the application ready.  It was a long process and so much work! I honestly, have never dedicated so much time and energy to something like that in my life.  If you feel you need more help, hire an immigration lawyer. I know a great one if you need it! Every detail in your application forms needs to be done correctly! There can be NO mistakes, and I mean NONE! If there are, they will send it back. We had ours sent back from a simple little mistake, where we forgot to date it. So check it a bunch of times, and get others to check it as well.  It’s also important to get letters from your family and friends that know your partner and yourself. Have them write what they think about the relationship, how they know you, and any personal stories to share.   Send those in with the application. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT everything from the start! Emails, photos, conversations, phone bills, marriage certificate, and travel documents. Keep it all even if you are unsure about the relationship. 

      Along with the forms being done 100%, you will have a to write an addendum.  I literally wrote a book, 33 pages and single spaced.  I still have it and probably will never throw it away. It was all about our first years of our relationship. From how we met, how we communicated, what we talked about, meetings of each others families, when my son met him, our feelings towards everything,  what you did together, some intimate details, details about each time I traveled there,  lots of information about the wedding, and all the immigration processes we attempted first. You NEED to stand out and make the person who receives your file really get to know you.  They get so many applications and if yours looks like everyone else’s it may not turn out the way you want it to.   

     We got married in February 2016, sent everything off officially at the end of October, it was returned to us in November, then we fixed the problem and sent it back right away. We got the first approval at the start of January 2017. Next, Shevon had to have an interview, which happened in March. He was approved right then and there. The approval doesn’t happen in person normally but we got lucky. Our case happened really fast for a Jamaican/Canadian immigration process. I truly feel one reason is because we built our relationship for so long and had so much evidence to prove our love for one another. There are too many “we knew each other for 6 months and are now applying for it” cases, they tend to not work out as good. On May 12th of 2017 I picked him up from our airport and the rest is history.  I’m not going to lie, its a difficult road, but if your love is real it’s all worth it! If you have questions or want to share your situation please do! I’d love to try and help if you are unsure about the process!


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