Postpartum and Positive Body Thinking

Postpartum and Positive Body Thinking

Being Real

Right now there is a movement happening for women that is truly remarkable. It’s creating awareness for postpartum bodies and how to self love. It is making a really big impact for women in our society.  Women are taking control of their bodies and are not being afraid to show what is real. They are not photo shopping, or putting the camera at a certain angle to manipulate their body shape/size, or using filters to change their look. They are showing their real body, as you should!

Why change who you are? Sure once in a while, making yourself have a beautiful unicorn filter is fun, but that’s  what it should be used for, fun. What’s the point of taking many pictures of yourself to make you look flawless? It’s okay to have flaws.  Yes, there are certain times when making yourself flawless works but it shouldn’t be all the time. We need to find the beauty in ourselves and learn to think more positively about our bodies. We need to make a change, accept our flaws, and have women show their realities.

Our first world thinking is focused on not being authentic and we are loosing touch with reality of who we are. We have to rediscover ourselves and learn to self-love just like when we were little. What 4 year old hates their body? Four year olds love life so much. They are not concerned with their scars, body rolls, and any other imperfections. They just love life! We should too! You are the most important person to love first because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others to the fullest.

What Is Happening?

Social media’s view of women is on a big spiral downhill. In the sense that we are becoming desensitized, living in a camera lens, and not reality.  There are many women out there taking control of the camera lens and making a change.  I feel that women have accomplished many amazing achievements in our past and I can see this becoming an impactful change in our time. We need to accept our postpartum bodies and make changes for our children’s future.  

Our Thinking

At some point in our life we have had negative thoughts about the way we look. Some of us may still have lots of negative thoughts about our bodies. That is not healthy. Once we become pregnant, our bodies go through many changes. Then after we give birth to our beautiful child it goes through even more changes. Unfortunately, postpartum bodies, don’t always return back to the way they were before and you may have new marks to show the path you went down. We need to accept those changes and embrace them instead of going down the other path which will lead you to dark places.   

Look at it this way, would you want your daughter growing up being insecure about her legs being too thick, imperfections in her face, being a skin colour she is uncomfortable in, stretch marks, upset that she has cellulite, or fear of what someone might judge her for.  That answer is no, of course you wouldn’t. So why is it okay for you to feel that way about yourself? It’s not! Women need to feel good in their bodies, learn to understand them and appreciate your self more.  I want to see my daughter grow up in a world where she is proud of her body and how it looks, not in one where everyone judges each other about their “imperfect” body. 

My Thoughts

I have some thoughts about postpartum bodies and how to self love that I want to leave you with. Just a warning some are cliche and maybe a little blunt but they are ideas for you to think about. I’m just being real here and sometimes you need a little tough love to develop self-love!

  •  We all have flaws. We need to embrace them and realize that those flaws have a story. That story has made us who we are today and that’s a good thing. Own up to them and learn to love who you are.
  •  Some days I just want to eat a bag of sour patch kids, and I will. You should treat yourself too! (Insert your favourite treat😊)
  •  In your life, have you compared yourself to others? Yes, I’m sure you have. Try not to do this because everyone has a different body and different story to go with it. It’s just not healthy to do. 
  • LIFE IS GOOD and way too short! Well it really is. We all have hurdles that make us have a problem in life. Experience whatever hurdle it is,  feel sad/mad about it, then handle the situation and heal from it.  We need to move on and come out as a person who has healed from a tragedy. It will make you become a better person. Don’t take that dark path that I mentioned earlier. Take care of yourself and heal 💖. 
  • Learn new things about yourself and develop that into parts of your own self-love.
  • Love more than anything else, hate less. 
  • Your body will always be changing not matter what life throws at you (health, pregnancy, aging). Sometimes it will feel great and other times it may feel like poop but that’s life y’all! We need to stay strong, unique, and feel better about ourselves.
  • Did you know that people that live over 100 all have one major thing in common? Yep they do! They were not big on stressing! Stress is one of the number one aging factor.  Don’t stress. I know its easier said than done, trust me I know, but you got to find a way to handle your business and become bigger than the stress. 
  • Adjust your thinking!
  • Love yourself, just do it, you know you want too!
  • Life is ever-changing, be flexible, enjoy its beauty more than its ugliness!  

I recently listened to a Podcast from Raw Beauty Talks with Jillian Harris. On here, Jillian brings up a great idea. Have a friend write a piece about how great you are. They can write about your life, your accomplishments, and positive qualities about you. Then, read it in the morning, or on days you need a reminder of how amazing you are. My friends and I are going to do this. Such a great way to remind yourself to self-love and accept yourself for who you are. 

There are some extremely brave, strong willed and minded, courageous, and beautiful women making a change.  It’s hard to be that brave and vulnerable but the more changes that happen the more normal it will become. If you head over to our Instagram page I have linked many inspiring women to the post. Follow them if you want to learn how to appreciate your postpartum body and fall back in love with who you are. 

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